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Plum Sorbet

Editor's Note: Holy cow, Batman! No ice cream machine? That's right, boys and girls, this delicious plum sorbet can be made without an ice cream machine! Perfect for the hot summer days that are already here and the hot summer nights to come. Go ahead, make it. Your tastebuds are calling.

- 1 lb. plums, unpeeled
- 1 c. orange juice
- 3 Tbsp. sugar
- 1 Tbsp. orange liquer
- 1 Tbsp. lemon juice


Cut the plums in half, remove the pit, and place plum pieces in blender. Add remaining ingredients and puree. Taste and add more sugar or lemon juice as needed.

Pour into bowl and freeze.

After four hours, remove from freezer and blend again.

Return to freezer for at least half an hour before serving.

Note: This basic recipe can be adapted with peaches in place of plums and/or apple or white grape juice instead of orange.

Snagged from The Veggie Table.
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